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4 Tabernacle Street
Neath Port Talbot, SA10 6UF
Tel: 01792 817009
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4 Tabernacle Street
Neath Port Talbot
SA10 6UF
Tel: 01792 817009
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4 Tabernacle Street
Neath Port Talbot
SA10 6UF
Tel: 01792 817009

25th October 2023

We have had a new telephone system installed which is now partially up and running.

We are still without a call queuing system so you may experience 'engaged' tones when the lines are busy. This is all currently being worked on.

As a result you may experience difficulty getting through to us on the telephone.

Please use the
eConsult service for all medical advice and administration requests wherever possible. 

We will give updates when we have further information.  We apologise for any difficulties this may cause you.

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Further information on eConsult
Tabernacle Surgery joins thousands of GP practices across the UK by introducing eConsult.

What is eConsult?

eConsult enables NHS based GP practices to offer online consultations to their patients. This allows patients to submit their symptoms or requests to their own GP electronically, and offers around the clock NHS self-help information, signposting to services, and a symptom checker.

eConsult is the most widely used digital triage tool in NHS primary care, built by NHS GPs for NHS patients, designed to enhance patient access, improve practice efficiencies and signpost patients to the right place at the right time for their care. Live in thousands of NHS practices, eConsult gives millions of patients access to their own GP online.

How does it benefit you as a patient?

eConsult is a more convenient way to get help from your practice: for your condition, symptoms or for administrative requests.
Using eConsult allows you to explain in your own time why you want an appointment – you don’t have to try to explain everything within the first few minutes of an appointment
eConsults are filled in online and can be filled in at your convenience from home or work.
The practice can then decide how best to help you – you may not even need to come in to the surgery.
After you complete an eConsult, the practice will get back in touch and let you know what the next steps are.

How to access eConsult?

Simply click one of the eConsult images.

About Us

Tabernacle Surgery is close to the main shopping area in the heart of Skewen village. The Practice has a registered list of over 5000 patients and is one of two general practices in Skewen.

We have been finalists in the:
'Patient Nominated Practice Team of the Year Award'
in 2016 and 2018.
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Tabernacle Surgery is a medical training practice so, you may come into contact with registered doctors who already have hospital training and medical students who are still training.

Tabernacle Surgery was established in July 1982. The premises are made up of a block of houses which has been converted into a general practice.

Off-road parking is available at the front of the surgery, providing about eight parking spaces for staff, patients and visitors. There is also on-road parking towards the end of Tabernacle Street. There is suitable access to the surgery for wheelchair users and there is a disabled toilet in the foyer.

The reception staff are helpful but there is not much privacy at the reception desk. However, there is a poster near to the reception desk to tell patients there is a room available if anyone wants to speak with a receptionist in private.

The waiting room is small with about 12 seats. It is light and pleasantly decorated and up to date information is displayed on our monitor in the waiting room.

There is a good range of health and support-service information displayed in the waiting room, including repeat prescriptions and complaints procedures, health leaflets and various booklets. There are several noticeboards displaying information on support groups, helplines and emergency numbers. There are magazines available and a box containing a range of childrens' toys and books.

The Practice runs a full triage system for appointments with doctors. Please ring the surgery in the morning on the day you wish to be seen. A doctor or nurse will ring you to discuss your requirements. Blood test and Nurse appointments may still be booked as normal.

Our Approach To Your Healthcare

Our aim is to make the patients of Tabernacle Surgery the healthiest in Wales.

Our job is to care for the sick and to positively promote health in our practice population. So, we will promote and provide the best possible healthcare for our practice population, taking into account the resources available. Our work reflects our total commitment to the National Health Service.

We will respond to the health needs we identify in the community and provide appropriate services. We recognise the need to use our time, skills and money wisely.
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