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4 Tabernacle Street
Neath Port Talbot, SA10 6UF
Tel: 01792 817009
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Mental Health
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Mental Health
Students with Mental Health Issues
MyTutor has a guide called “Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues”. It offers plenty of valuable information such as:

• A useful overview of ways to support students with mental health issues; full of practical advice, tips, and information.
• Brief background and context of mental health problems in education – with key stats showing that 1 in 10 students have a diagnosable mental health condition; roughly translating as three students in every classroom.
• Information to help identify students with mental health problems, academic provisions that can be made, how to empower students, and how to make a positive learning environment.
• Links to other useful and relevant mental health support websites and resources for students, teachers, and counsellors.
Mental Health Helplines
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