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Dyfed Road
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Tel: 01639 635331
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Why Didn’t I Get A Prescription?

Prescriptions are not always necessary. Patients often think they should receive a prescription after every consultation with their GP. However, quite often a prescription is not necessary. For example, we are often asked for antibiotics for viral infections. Our advice would be to take paracetamol and drink plenty of liquids to try and lower the temperature, rather than take antibiotics.

Antibiotics could be harmful if you take them for a sore throat which then turns out to be glandular fever. You could develop a severe skin condition as a result. Talking problems through with your GP can often help and you can treat many illnesses with home remedies.

This advice is not intended to put you off consulting your GP. We want you to continue to make appointments as normal, but the message we want to get across is: don't expect a prescription as a matter of course. There may be a more suitable alternative available for you.

Requesting a Repeat Prescription from Dyfed Road Practice

Please note that generally we would like to ensure your medicines are appropriate and up to date by completing a medication review with you (either in person or over the telephone) at least once a year. This date is indicated on your repeat medication slip. We may be able to give you more than one month supply of medication at a time if this is appropriate for you.


The quickest and most efficient way to order your repeat prescription is via the new NHS Wales app.

Please download from the App Store / Google Play or visit & follow the instructions.

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Tick each item you need on your repeat slip or write the name of each medication and dosage that you require along with your name, date of birth, address and telephone number.

Please let us know on the request if you would like the prescription to go directly to a particular local pharmacy or if you would prefer to collect from the Practice.

Place this in the prescription ordering box which is outside on the wall to the right of the front door / in the main waiting area.

You may also post your request to the practice.

3. EMAIL -

Please note that we will require all information as requested above.

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